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Because Clojure's for macro allows you to "walk" over multiple sequences in a nested fashion, it is excellent for transforming all sorts of sequences. If you don't want a sequence as your final output (say you want a map), you are often still best-off using for, because you can produce a sequence and feed it into a map, for example.

For this problem, your goal is to "flatten" a map of hashmaps. Each key in your output map should be the "path"1 that you would have to take in the original map to get to a value, so for example {1 {2 3}} should result in {[1 2] 3}. You only need to flatten one level of maps: if one of the values is a map, just leave it alone.

1 That is, (get-in original [k1 k2]) should be the same as (get result [k1 k2])

test not run
(= (__ '{a {p 1, q 2}
         b {m 3, n 4}})
   '{[a p] 1, [a q] 2
     [b m] 3, [b n] 4})
test not run
(= (__ '{[1] {a b c d}
         [2] {q r s t u v w x}})
   '{[[1] a] b, [[1] c] d,
     [[2] q] r, [[2] s] t,
     [[2] u] v, [[2] w] x})
test not run
(= (__ '{m {1 [a b c] 3 nil}})
   '{[m 1] [a b c], [m 3] nil})

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